Training curriculum at the Genbukan Ninpo Bugei Kohaku Dojo centres around the three main pillars of Ninpo Bugei. Ninpo Taijutsu, Bikenjutsu and Bojutsu. The training at the Dojo is from beginner to advanced level. There is also training in Goshinjutsu (self defence) and Jujutsu (traditional Samurai martial arts)

NINPO TAIJUTSU (Unarmed self defence) Ninpo Kyu (beginner) training has ten Kyu levels of techniques that must be trained and graded in up to black belt (Shodan) including basic forms Taihenjutsu (how to roll, leap and flip) Sabaki Gata Taihenjutsu (how to escape the sword) Daken Taijutsu (how to block, punch and kick) Also included in the Kyu syllabus are Hodoki Gata (how to escape from catch) Kansetsu Waza (how to lock the joints) Nage waza (how to throw) Tai Gaeshi Gata (how to counter lock and throw) and Koppojutsu / Koshijutsu (advanced striking techniques) Dan (black belt) training includes the advanced patterns from the various Ryu Ha including specialist Daken Taijutsu, Koppojutsu, Koshijutsu, Ju Taijutsu etc.

BIKENJUTSU (Use of the Japanese Sword) Use of the Japanese sword (Bikenjutsu / Kenpo / Kenjutsu ) Genbukan Ninpo Bugei sword training is referred to as Bikenjutsu (secret sword techniques) due to the nature of the techniques. The study of the sword in the Genbukan system also has ten Kyu levels until black belt to ensure true proficiency and correct spirit in the use of the traditional sword. How to use correct stance, how to cut correctly and how to draw the sword are all taught in this curriculum.

BOJUTSU  (Use of the Staff) Use of the 3ft and 6ft staff (San Jaku Bojutsu / Roku Shaku Bojutsu)  Genbukan Ninpo Bugei wooden staff training has three beginner levels to black belt. How to defend and strike are taught in this curriculum including self defence with Hanbo (3ft staff) against knife, catch and hold etc Advanced training in this curriculum consists of the traditional patterns for defeating sword attacker.
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