Ninjutsu is best described as the collection of skills utilized by the Ninja of Japan's warrior past while Ninpo, often referred to as "the higher order of Ninjutsu", implies a philosophy for living based on the principles of Nin (patience and fortitude). 

Ninpo is a group of related martial traditions that have developed in Japan since the ancient period (before the 12th century) and have been combined in the modern period under one comprehensive martial arts system. This system includes the eighteen martial skills (Bugei Juhappan) for the common Bushi (warrior), and another group of eighteen unconventional types of martial skills (Ninja Juhakkei) for special warfare. 

Another component of Ninpo, in addition to these thirty-six martial art skills, is a unique world view, thought and philosophy, and esoteric practices. This world view emphasizes the defensive nature of Ninpo and the need to have a compassionate heart (Kajo Waraku or Kajo Chikusei). 

Nin translates into patience, but can also imply perseverance or stealth. The Japanese character for Nin consists of two parts or radicals. The upper radical is called yaibawhich refers to the cutting edge of a blade. The lower radical can be read either as kokoro or shin, both of which mean heart. The character Po, which implies natural law, is used rather than Do (i.e. Judo, Kendo, Aikido, etc). Referring to our art as Ninpo rather than Ninjutsu stresses training which is concerned with the internal development of the individual's character along with the technical skills of martial training. It isn't enough just to know techniques, it is your heart and spirit that is important. For this reason, Ninpo stresses philosophic and spiritual training in conjunction with the physical techniques. This refinement of one's spirit is known in Japanese as Seishinteki Kyoyo. 

Ninpo is concerned with the defensive heart and recognizes that defence against a life-threat is dealt with by spirit as much as with physical technique. The significance is that those who master the Ninpo Bugei (Ninpo Martial Arts) give light to our everyday world.

As a true martial artist and / or Ninpo specialist the study of Bumon (martial art gate) and Shumon (spirit gate) will take one to above the mountain top to a state of "Shin-Shin Shin-Gan" (Gods eyes Gods heart), nature and universal balance. With true martial arts, Kajo Waraku heart and balanced view one can complete their life mission with happiness.
The art of the Ninja, the legendary shadow warriors of Japan, is the primary focus of the international Genbukan  Ninpo Bugei World Federation headed by Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto Sensei from Honbu Dojo based in Matsubushi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. 

The only known records and knowledge of Ninja fighting techniques were handed down by a number of late Edo period specialists to the legendary Takamatsu Toshitsugu, known as the last ninja of the modern era. These martial arts, records and knowledge were then passed on to a handful of students, including Masaji Kimura, Fumio Akimoto, Yoshio Fukumoto, Kinbei Sato, Takashi Ueno, Yoshiaki Hatsumi (Ueno's personal student), Tanemura Shoto and others.

We are indeed very fortunate to have contact with these wonderful martial arts, thanks to the dedication and commitment of Tanemura Shoto Sensei and all previous masters to preserve them. 
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